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Hi, I'm Meg....

For as long as I can remember I've been salvaging and creating. As a child I spent hours upon hours rescuing treasures from my sisters trashcan, sneaking into my mom's oil paint (the guilt got to me and I confessed), and toiling away on projects. Eventually I started painting and decorating my own room, that's when I got hooked on decorating. I loved the way I could express myself on a large scale, I thrived on surrounding myself in my creation. I've been addicted ever since. I owe it to my mom, she was always supportive, letting me make most of the decisions myself, and helping me even when we didn't see eye to eye, she's still my number one sounding board.

I took my obsession into serious consideration when choosing a mate, I made sure he was handy, creative, and strong -a must for moving furniture, but indifferent (for the most part) to interior design. Ten years later we still haven't finished our "to do" list, but we're having lots of fun trying. I created this blog for all those projects, plans, and ideas that are running rampant through my mind all night. Who counts sheep these days anyway, right??

This is what's keeping me up...

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