Thursday, June 14, 2012

Zac Efron is so handy!!

Not much to post about lately since we're in full moving mode. The house is nearly packed, our movers are scheduled, and temp housing is secured. We're visiting with family and saying goodbye to our friends before we move and then we're out of here!!

Right now I'm currently in Michigan at my mom's summer house. They sold their New Mexico home this spring and this is now going to be their full time residence. There's still many projects that need to be completed and they moved a full house of belongings into this already furnished house so I really wanted to come and help them get organized. The thing is, we can't work too long before we get to laughing so hard our belly's are aching. This time it's come in the form of a life size cutout of Zac Efron....

A couple years ago my aunt came across this Zac Efron cutout and being the prankster that she is, she stood him in the window of my mom's house. After being gone from the house for a few months my mom and my sister drove down the driveway to find the silhouette of a man standing in the window! They were scared to death and almost dialed 911!! My aunt rocks!

So fast forward to two days ago and we were moving things out of an unused bathroom/room full of junk and ran across Zac! The dogs thought he was real and started barking and going crazy!! We had a good laugh running him around the house getting the dogs completely riled up. Finally we put him out the in the laundry room. A couple hours later my mom's little yorkie started barking and when she wouldn't quiet down we went to investigate. The silly girl finally found Zac standing in the laundry room and was sneaking up on him, barking, getting scared, then running away!! Funniest thing ever!

Well we decided to put Zac to work so here he is helping us out.....

Zac Efron helping us paint the sun room!

Zac Efron puts up a garage door! He's so domesticated!!

After a long day of home improvement projects, Zac Efron 
cools down with an icy cold glass of Peach Pluff Iced Tea!

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