Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Staging our house

We're getting down the wire!! It's so exciting, we're hoping to get the house on the market next week. I'm a little worried we wont get everything ready in time, the house is literally turned upside down right now and we have a couple projects left to do like spruce up the yard after a season of neglect!! But that sounded like a lot of work, so when I had a few free minutes today I went shopping instead ;) ;)

I suggested to hubby that we swap out our dumpster table for our other less dinged up dining room table, and while he was willing to do it, he pointed out that putting a table cloth on it would be a lot easier. The first place I hit up was Target and ran across a whole collection of turquoise and green table linens. I decided it would be perfect with our green kitchen walls so I went with that. I grabbed everything I liked and will return the rest. Next I hit up Pier 1 Imports where I found 2 cute pillows and scored a fabulous deal on a new throw blanket. Last stop was Walmart where I bought a new hand towel for the powder room, placemats/chargers, and a set of dishes.

Here are my finds, if you see clutter in the background, please understand that we're really messy people ;)

At Target I started with a simple green round tablecloth, and then picked up the 4 green and turquoise cloth napkins (each one is a different shade). Also in the collection were these rattan napkin rings which were a great price at $4.99 for four, others in the store were about $10 for four. I also made a quick stop at Michaels and picked up these tree shaped place card holders. These aren't so much for staging as they are to mark our seats otherwise we fight at dinnertime. To the left you can see a corner of a teal circular placemat that I bought at Target for $2.25, but then I went to Walmart and found these seagrass mats for only $3 and I like them a lot more. I feel like they're more of a charger than a placemat because they're so thick and they're round. Also at Walmart I picked up more cloth napkins, 4 in taupe, and 2 more in citrine, that way I can layer them. I also picked up a box of these tealy/blue dishes for just $30!! We've broken so many of our it's time for the rest to retire, we might buy a second (or third) box of these new dishes after we move if we still like them. 

For the bar I bought two of these striped placemats from the collection at Target. I love the print on this dark teal kitchen towel and I decided it would look better as a napkin so I'm going to cut it in half and make it into two napkins, I also layered it with a citrine napkin from Walmart. I used one of my son's egg plates (yes he loves hard boiled eggs so much we got him his own dishes!) and put a plastic egg in it. The glass is a from a vintage set I picked up a few months ago. I've been dying to get them out of the cupboard! 

On to my Pier 1 finds!! The peacock pillow is my favorite, favorite, favorite pillow from Target so it had to stay. I fell in love with the ruffle peridot pillow behind it, I was torn between this color and a deep turquoise but I love this color with my peacock pillow. I set the placemat there just to test all the colors. The throw was also pretty cool, it was originally $70 but it was on clearance for like $15 or $17, so I was very happy with that. 

I also picked up this pillow at Pier 1, I couldn't believe how closely the colors matched the table linens from Target. I was so excited when I found it. 

I bought 4 towels for this bathroom trying to find the right one. This bathroom is terrible to picture because all the pink wallpaper distorts the colors, but the towel that made the cut is a light blue/teal that I picked up at Walmart. I added a little bling with one of my bracelets that looks like twigs! I also had this candle sitting upstairs unused and it's perfect in this bathroom now.

That's pretty much everything, I did have hubby take a picture of two things I found at Pier 1 that I really liked... first these dishes: 

They were a little pricey for our purposes right now, but I really like them so we'll have to decide between these are the ones from Walmart.

I also fell IN LOVE with this napkin!! I just loved the color and almost returned all the turquoise and green and went with mint instead. Unfortunately it was the last one in the store and on clearance, I did buy it for .98 cents just to hang on to for future color reference. This is also where I saw them layer the two napkins and I liked the poof so that's how we ended up layering.

I'll be a busy girl tomorrow (my day off) and this weekend, but hopefully I'll have a ton of house shots to blog about next week. Hubby ordered a sweet new lens for his camera so we can take our own photo's. Fun fun!

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