Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Design my dining room" contest

I literally haven't done a darn thing to the house in months. Let me restate that, I haven't made any decor changes or had any projects. We've decided we want to downsize, so we're doing a big time, whole house, declutter. Currently we're about a third completed.

Tonight I sold my blue settee, I have to say I will miss it, but I have a serious chair obsession and it was time to cull the herd. That one just wasn't on the "HAVE TO KEEP" list.

My husband sent me a link to this new site prizes.org. It "is a place where you can create contests and let people compete for a prize of your choosing. The best submission wins the prize!" I found a contest for designing a dining room so in lieu of decorating my own house, I entered the contest....

Did I spend more time on it than I should have?? Probably. Did I obsess about the chandelier and make a special trip to the store to make sure it was the right one?? Yes. Do I want to redecorate my own dining room and subsequently the rest of my house based on my design plan??? You know it! LOL I have to admit, I love watching my votes :D I'm anxious to see more design plans entered, I can't wait till it's closer to the deadline, I bet they'll be rolling in. It was tons of fun and was a great break from the norm. Maybe I'll see your entry soon??? ;)

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