Saturday, January 22, 2011

Prettying up the bathroom

My husband's away for the week on business so I was looking for small projects to busy myself. For Christmas he got me these cute prints on canvas and I finally found a place to hang them, so up they go! I think they're so cute here.

My sister also got us a set of black and white French apothecary bath accessories that I'm in love with!!

We haven't done a thing to our bathroom since we moved in, but now I'm inspired! Our bedroom is a medium shade of gray (battle ship gray) so I was considering a charcoal color for the bathroom. With all the white tile and trim, I thought it would look great.

Playing around with the Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer

If I didn't tire of color so quickly and I could change my paint with the click of a mouse button like on the website these are all colors I like...
Electric Slide

Bold Yellow

Pink Polka Dot

Butterfly Wings

But since I've figured out that lack of color soothes my soul, maybe one of these....

Ashland Slate

Stormy Sky

French Beret - I think this is my favorite

Imagining my view down the hallway.... 
Bold Yellow really hits the spot
Electric Slide Bold yellow Pink Polka Dot Butterfly Wings

Ashland Slate Stormy Sky French Beret

Hmmm decisions to make :D

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  1. I like the French Beret on your list the best. Good luck on your decision!


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