Friday, December 24, 2010

A Doll House for Grace

This year Grace fell in love with this huge doll house she saw at Target and she was hoping to get one for Christmas.

We had a similarly sized Pottery Barn Kids bookcase that was in the shape of a house so we decided to to a little renovating!

I started by covering the shelves with contact paper for the flooring

Next hubby cut out the walls using some 1/4 plywood and attached 
itty bitty molding to the top so we'd have a larger surface area to apply glue

Bailee gave each wall two coats of white paint and I used a Sharpie to decorate the walls and then it was time to install them. We flipped the bookcase upside down and glued the tops of the walls to the bottom of the shelves. Once that was dry I secured it further by running a bead of silicone on all the ceiling and floor seams. 

The last step was applying windows to the back wall. 
To do this I printed out a cloudy picture on sticky labels. 

and Ta-Da!

Her Grandparents sent her doll house furniture to go with it, I can't wait for her to open it tomorrow!

Dining room


Family Room



Laundry Room

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We're finally ready for Christmas at our house, how about you?

a quick google image search pulls up these window boxes, I just loved them, here's my version...

I love my glittery pillows in the rockers!

That's my sled from when I was a little girl!

our Santa watch team

one of my beloved Tord Boontje garlands

before presents....

after presents....

hubby's favorite decorations...

I love these pink vintage trees 

some of our favorite ornaments.... 



I saw this really cute idea for a hot cocoa station at mysweetsavannah, mine's not nearly as cute as Melaine's, but the kids are happy never the less. 

I made these pennant flags a few weeks ago for Christmas, I still can't decide if I like them

-Merry Christmas!


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