Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thrifty Sweater

A few weeks ago I was watching the Nate Berkus show and he had a guest on who made a new outfit every day for a year by altering thrift store clothes. When I was at Goodwill last October shopping for Halloween costumes for the kids I found a pink Lacoste sweater so I brought it home with me thinking I might be able to update it. If not I was out $2.50.

Please excuse the bad picture, but you get the idea.... this is how it started out.....

Now I'm not a little girl but these sleeves are CRAZY huge!

I basically used one of my favorite sweaters for a pattern, I laid them out flat centering my sweater on top of the thrift store sweater and lining up the necks. Using a fabric marker I traced around the sides of my sweater and then pinned along the line and sewed right on the line, I tried it on and success! I did the same thing for the arms and then stitched it all back together.

and the final product.......

Happy me :D


  1. Thank you!!! I just wore it a couple days ago!!

  2. That turned out fab! How creative of you. I am snooping around your blog and found this...

  3. Thanks Monica :D I want to do it again but whenever I'm in the thrift store I'm either rushed and don't have time to look or I just don't see anything. Actually I was looking for a pink cable knit sweater to recover a pink piano stool of my Grandma's and found this sweater instead. My piano stool is waiting to be recovered :D


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