Friday, March 19, 2010

Easter tree

I have very fond memories of Easter as a child. I can't remember a single Easter that wasn't sunny and pastel, with birds chirping and flowers budding. We would often be surprised with chocolate eggs similar to these..


My mom used to decorate an Easter tree every year and had collected little ornaments from our time living in Europe, and I've been meaning to continue the tradition for the past 10 years. I even planted a Weeping Pussy Willow so I could cut my own branches each year. This year I finally did it!!

I started with collected branches that had fallen from a large tree so I would have something sturdy to hang the ornaments on and then I filled in with the pussy willow. The ornaments are the ones my mom used when we were little. I'm glad I finally did it, and my kids love it.


  1. Thanks!! I'm enjoying it so much, I just sit and look at it :D


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