Friday, February 26, 2010

My $9 Electricians Tape Headboard

I'm so excited I finally found just the right bedding and I actually bought it before they sold out!! This is a big deal because about 4 years ago Pottery Barn sold a blue and brown toile quilt that had birds on it.

I fell in love with it but I only bought the pillow shams, I've pretty much regretted that decision ever since. They sold out before I could buy the quilt and I've been hunting for the perfect bedding since then. When I saw the Spring Sparrow pattern I flipped, I loved it almost as much as the Bird Toile so I couldn't wait to snatch it up.

Here it is in my room with the PB Greek Key bedskirt I picked up at the outlet for $7.... yes $7!!

I really like how bright it is in my room. I used the pillow covers from the home accessories rather than the euro shams because I liked the green accent around these pillows. It's quite possible that with time my love for this print will grow and blossom and replace my yearning for the Bird Toile print :D

The bedding was great, but it really deserved a headboard. Each day my guilt grew as I denied my Spring Sparrow a proper backdrop. My first choice was Crate and Barrel's Collette bed
I had big plans to make my own copycat head board but I wasn't finding fabric I liked and I was worried about getting the nail heads straight.

My second choice was a polished nickel bed frame like Martha Stewart's Irvington Nickel Plated bed....

My husband however had other plans..... like no plans at all. This was so far off his radar for things we needed that if I wanted a headboard, I needed it to be as cheap as possible. I started toying with the idea of using a decal but I wasn't finding anything I liked. That's when I decided to make my own decal using electricians tape!

I liked the pattern on this PB's Everett headboard so I decided to duplicate it...

Here's an image of some of the supplies I used....

An X-acto knife, a disappearing fabric pen, an Omnigrid ruler, a really long level, and of course Minnie Mouse ears.

I used this image as a pattern

I started off by taping off the general shape of the head board with masking tape and drawing a large grid of diagonal squares with the disappearing fabric pen.

To create the pattern in the center of each square I drew lines 3 inches in from the sides of the square and started taping off the pattern. Electricians tape is really flexible so you have to be careful not to stretch the tape because it will change the width. What's great is that it's pretty forgiving, you can peel and restick until you get it right and you can stretch it here and there to make it fit. If you make a mistake just pull it back and give it time to relax back into shape and try again.

At this point I was going to use 3 strips of the tape to create a wide border but hubby graciously offered to make it out of wood for me. I wanted 1/4 inch solid wood but we ran across some 30 x 48 inch sheets of 1/4 plywood back in the culled lumber for only $2 a piece. Normally plywood wouldn't be the best material to use in this application because of the rough edges but for $2 I decided it would work. I painted it with Rustoleum semi-gloss white paint, the sheen and color are almost an exact match to the electricians tape.

A little bit of wood putty, some sanding, and a couple coats of paint later and I had this!

How's that Spring Sparrow? I'm pretty happy with the results and hubby is pretty happy with the price, it cost $9 all together. We have a big bedroom so space isn't an issue, but this would be a great project for a small bedroom because it takes up zero floor space. I can't wait to go to bed tonight :D

I can't forget my helpers....


  1. Hi Meg!
    I noticed your name in my comments had a live link, so I followed it...and am I glad I did! I'm spending my lunch plundering your blog, and I hope you don't mind, but I added you to my blog list. You're very imaginative!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Sunny! Of course I don't mind, I'm glad you like :D

  3. Check ebay for the toile quilt. I have seen it on occasion if you ever want to go back or have a different look.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion, I've checked ebay occasionally over the years, but I've never found the right size. Maybe someday!

  5. I love ittttttttt! You are really creative =D
    Question! What did you use for the frame of the headboard?

  6. Thank you!!!!! :D The wood we used was plywood except it was only 1/4 inch thick. There are 6 pieces in total, the two straight sides, the two rounded corners, and the top is made up of two strips seamed together. Hubby used a router and a pivot point to cut the round pieces. Originally I was going to use three strips of tape side by side but then he offered to cut it out of wood. I think 1/4 inch fiber board would work as well, or perhaps the flexible molding I've seen advertised. HTH's!

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