Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cell phone stand

Hubby surprised me with an HTC Hero a few weeks ago and I'm loving it!! One of my favorite apps is a digital alarm clock. Suddenly laying my phone on my nightstand just wasn't good enough and I set out to find a nice looking stand for it.

I paired these STRECKET cabinet pulls from IKEA with a scrap piece of 1/4 oak

and this is what I got...

Works good for my husband's iPhone too

I was going to screw the pull to the wood, but I didn't have screws small enough, instead I just used a bit of E-6000 adhesive.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pantry? Check

My lack of new posts might have one thinking that I haven't been busy lately, on the contrary I've been quite busy, I've just been sleeping a bit better!! WOOT! I can't really explain why it changed, but the night before Grace's birthday I couldn't sleep at all so I stayed up for about 38 hours, since then I've been getting to sleep before 4 in the morning and getting up before noon!! This is a big step for me :D

Speaking of her birthday, I have to show off the cute little cupcakes I made for her.

Anyway, between her birthday and Halloween I tackled our pantry. I only took mobile photo's, but you'll get the gist. The idea of a walk in pantry seems awesome, but when it's on the small side and then outfitted with cheap wire shelving that isn't adjustable, it's just plain moronic.

Here's a before from earlier this year:

The original shelves were 16 inches deep and were hung on both walls in an L shape creating a 16 x 16 Bermuda Triangle in each corner. The shelves were close enough together that we couldn't fit cereal boxes on them (see how they're tilted a little to the side?) and that just doesn't fly in this household.

The longest walls are both 51 inches and the shorter walls are 20-some inches wide. We started at IKEA looking for an adjustable system that would make the most out of our small space.

We used BRODER hardware as a base, but I didn't find shelving that would make use of every inch so I waited hoping I'd find something at the hardware store.

1 x BRODER Suspension rail BRODER Suspension rail $7.00

6 x BRODER Bracket, front BRODER Bracket, front $4.00

2 x BRODER Wall upright BRODER Wall upright $10.00

I also used pieces from the GRUNDTAL line.

1 x GRUNDTAL Hanger GRUNDTAL Hanger $1.99
2 x GRUNDTAL S-hook GRUNDTAL S-hook $3.99

2 x GRUNDTAL Wall shelf GRUNDTAL Wall shelf $14.99
1 x GRUNDTAL Towel rail GRUNDTAL Towel rail $14.99 <-- sold by all the bathroom stuff but I don't think it was $15.00

1 x GRUNDTAL Cart GRUNDTAL Cart $59.99 <-- meant for a bathroom cart, but so functional in the pantry

and some of these SLUGGER Caster SLUGGER Caster $1.99

When I went to Home Depot to pick up shelves I realized it wasn't going to be an easy in-and-out shopping trip. I wanted our shelves to be 50" long to make use of every inch but everything I considered was going to create a lot of waste product, most of the shelves or sheets of plywood were 48" or 96" lengths. I was stumped. That's when our Home Depot knight came riding in on his white stallion and rescued us, he suggested MDF because it's actually 49" by 97" and only $26 a sheet. We were able to get seven 13" shelves out of one piece and the best part is that he cut it all for us. Then he galloped off leaving nothing but a cloud of sawdust and the stench of testosterone behind.

After I ripped out the shelving I had a million holes to fill. I used the electric sander to get them smooth. Here's a tip, be sure to hook the vacuum up to the sander when sanding that much spackle. I had dust EVERYWHERE!! My mom and I gave the pantry a fresh coat of paint to match the kitchen and then hubby hung the tracks for the shelving. He trimmed the front edges of the MDF with simple molding and I painted them all a bright white semi-gloss. He also used a scrap of crown molding to cap off the shelving wall, so cute! With my organization buddy (aka Mom) by my side we made quick work of putting in the shelves and loading them up.

Here's the results:

I couldn't picture the wall above the cart, but we had a leftover MDF shelf so hubby cut it up into small strips and we mounted them using L brackets. It's perfect for all of our canned goods. We also added a dry erase board to the inside of the pantry door. I love it for making grocery lists, when I leave for the store I snap a picture of it with my phone and I'm good to go. Tonight I finished the final step and that was to replace our well worn grocery bag holder with a stainless steel version. When I organized in here I took out some things like our cleaning supplies and our baking ingredients, but I was able to add other things back in like our pots and pans and my cookbooks.

All together it ran about $200. This project was so worth the effort and it hardly took any time compared to our track record with other projects :D


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